Ben Reid-Howells & Prashant Kumar

The Vasudhaiva Ride is a multi-year project-driven motorcycle journey from India to Scotland. Ben, an educator and musician, and Prashant, an upcycling designer and artist, set out in January 2017 from Pune, India and have been leading projects in education, affordable housing and now resilient design in Bihar. Inspired by the Sanskrit phrase, 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam: the whole world is one family', these projects seek to connect organisations, educators, artists and communities for effective action in the face of local and global issues. In a time when many countries are more focused on building walls than creating bridges, Ben and Prashant are committed to exploring an alternative story of connection, hope and working together for positive change. From India to Scotland, they are exploring and co-creating stories to remind the world that despite our differences, we are still one family. The movement of people who believe in this is alive and growing. Being community supported, they are grassroots in their work, but global in their intentions to build a borderless movement committed to effective action.
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